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Transmission to All

Local Information Platform

SMART L-Gov helps provide residents peace of mind through information transmission, from day-to-day administrative services to urgent information during emergencies.

Regional Information Platform

“SMART L-Gov” is a cloud platform designed to solve various regional issues through information transmission. With digitalization and remote work continuing to progress, and with the many emergencies such as storms and floods that can occur recently, information transmission from local governments and public institutions is becoming even more critical. Using “SMART L-Gov,” administrations can improve transparency and help residents to live safely, securely, comfortably, and conveniently.


Services Provided



“SMART CMS” is a cloud-based CMS that boasts the #1 market share and that has been adopted by over 200 local governments across Japan.
We take into consideration the platform’s readability (accessibility) and ease of searching (usability) for residents, providing and maintaining a high level of service so that operations can continue even in the event of emergencies, such as natural disasters, or during an election.
We take pride in the many prizes that SMART CMS has earned in public relations competitions sponsored by the Japan Public Relations Association.

Point 1

Striving for
High Level Service

Our services are provided and maintained by a manned monitoring system 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We are able to maintain our service operations at a high level, even during situations with extremely high rates of access such as emergencies like natural disasters or during elections, thanks to our aggregated cloud services and our know-how cultivated through our many service achievements. We provide an environment where local governments are able to continuously disseminate information to residents.

Point 2

Services Through

The management screen of SMART CMS is also available through the LGWAN environment. When installed, you can select either the internet-based version or the LGWAN version. We provide services corresponding to the network environment that each local government uses.

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Data Linking with
Various Mediums

Information can be sent out through various mediums, including smartphone apps, e-mail messages, and text messages. We also provide the “LINE Linking Service,” which links with the chat function of the communications app LINE. Additionally, data usage and application functions, such as automatically outputting open data from SMART CMS content data, are also available.

Point 4

Optional Functions to
Bring Applications and
Procedures Online

Optional functions are available to bring applications and procedures online, linked with the digital administration platform “GaaS (Government as a Service).” It is possible to create a portal for information on applications and procedures within the local government, and the form function allows for online submission of application and procedure forms in advance. We will continue to improve our services for all residents and to reduce the workloads of staff.



“SMART APPS” is a service which enables information transmission through the characteristic functions of smartphone apps.
It is able to effectively transmit information on specific local topics, including child-rearing support, tourism, disaster prevention, health, and garbage disposal.
The latest function is an information transmission function that utilizes the communications app LINE.

Point 1

Push Notifications

In addition to simultaneous notifications, push notifications sent to users who meet specific conditions, such as notifications related to vaccinations and garbage disposal dates by areas of residence, are also possible.

Point 2

Event and Facility Search

Information searching that utilizes smartphone functions, such as searching for events using a calendar or searching for facilities using a map, is also possible. The intuitive system design makes it easy to find the information you need.

Point 3

Chatbot Search

By utilizing the LINE linking function and chatbot function, users can perform interactive information searches. We provide templates for search scenarios, making it easy to add in a chatbot.


Open Data

This service allows you to easily prepare and present open data gathered by local governments.
As open data is publicly accessible, it is possible to build a cataloging site with CKAN.
By linking with SMART CMS and utilizing web crawling technology, it is also possible to automatically convert article data posted on the site’s homepage into open data.

Point 1

Visualization of
Open Data

Open data to be published can be processed through various tools and software to be visualized on drawn graphs or plotting on a map. Meaningful data can be provided to residents through disclosure of usage examples rather than posting raw data.

Point 2

Automatic Generation of
Open Data

By linking with SMART CMS and utilizing web crawling technology, it is also possible to automatically convert article data posted on the site’s homepage into open data.
Government staffs do not need to spend time working in order to create this open data.

Point 3

5-Star Open Data
Public Record

We have a history of using CKAN harvesting and SPARQL endpoints to achieve results. As such, we contribute to data utilization in projects related to IoT and smart cities.



This service focuses primarily on mail delivery, promptly delivering emergency information related to disaster and crime prevention to various platforms.
By linking to various services, including SMART CMS, SMART APPS, and LINE, we can reach a more reliable level of information transmission.


Linking with External Information
Sources Such as J-ALERT

Local governments can link with various external systems, including J-ALERT, and disaster prevention systems present within the agency, allowing for the automatic sending of information without burdening staffs.


Health Navi

This service enables online reservations for administrative services and events, including specific medical examinations and cancer screenings held by local governments.
Not only does this help to reduce the workload of staff when compared to taking reservations over the phone or at reception, but it also provides residents the freedom to make reservations whenever, wherever they are.


Linking with
GaaS(Government as a Service)

By linking with the digital administrative platform “GaaS (Government as a Service),” not only people can submit administrative applications online, but they can also make reservations for administrative services and events.



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