The Next Potential for a Mobility Society

We provide cloud services utilizing technologies focused on IoT to target a wide range of “mobility” services with automobiles. By analyzing and utilizing various data gathered through mobility services, we are able to promote solutions to various social issues through the use of vehicle driving data, including reductions in traffic accidents, alleviation of traffic congestion, and efficiency of vehicle usage.



  • CiEMSロゴ

    CiEMS 3G is a telematics service easily accessed through plug-and-play technology, utilizing a compact in-vehicle device with a built-in communication module and GPS. It provides stress-free telematics services, from installation to operation.

  • CiEMS Report ロゴ

    This service allows you to easily make vehicle reservations and create daily driving reports using your smartphone. Through aggregation of car information, we are able to provide services that centrally manage cloud-based data and help promote more efficient vehicle management.

  • API連携

    The car driving data acquired from in-vehicle devices is able to be linked to external systems through various APIs. For example, a car’s driving data can be linked into an existing delivery management system as an actual value, or the amount of stopped time of a car can be linked to automatically total customer visit times in a sales management system.

  • クルマツナグプラットフォーム

    The “Kuruma Tsunagu Platform (Car Connection Platform)” is an IoT platform that specializes in mobility. The know-how we at SMARTVALUE Co., Ltd. have cultivated in telematics services (mobility related IoT services) since 2008 has all been aggregated on the cloud and equipped with an intelligent filtering (data cleansing) function. We enable you to utilize your car data more freely.

  • OEM

    We provide our telematics service “CiEMS” as its OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer). This allows us to start up mobility-related IoT services quickly, without the need to build new applications for data visualization. As a device maker producing mobility-related IoT devices, we are also able to provide cloud services for our own devices at a low cost.

  • シームスアイのロゴ


    This unprecedented drive recorder allows you to download necessary images without removing the SD card by using your smartphone. We offer a flexible combination of options, so you can customize to meet your needs. It is easy to operate using either the dedicated viewer or an app, so you can use it with peace of mind.


This video introduces the telematics service “CiEMS 3G.”



As a telematics service provider, we provide all of the devices and P/F required for telematics services. By providing everything on a generalized platform, we are able to reduce costs, quickly prepare everything required for each layer of constructing IoT services, and help to create a new Mobility society.


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