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1We have been developing and providing telematics services for corporations for over 10 years. Utilizing the technologies we have created during this time, we are able to offer a new service model toward a mobility-based society, providing operational support including providing the in-car devices, management consoles, white-label smartphone apps, and more required for mobility sharing services such as car sharing, as well as offering fixed-term call center and maintenance contracts.


By Kuruma Base

  • Patto

    Car Sharing


    Main Service Provider:
    SMARTVALUE Co., Ltd.

    Based on the concept of a car sharing service for busy people, this car sharing service is being developed as an easy-to-use regional mobility service. It is being implemented as a joint proof-of-concept test in Toyonaka city in Osaka by Suzuki Motor Corporation and Marubeni Corporation.

  • ノッテッテ

    Company Car Sharing


    Main Service Provider:
    NTT Le-Perc, Inc.

    A car sharing service using company cars. The service uses vehicles used by the NTT East Corporation group for business on weekdays, making them available for sharing with the general public and companies on weekends and holidays.

  • T-share

    EV Sharing Service


    Main Service Provider:
    Kyushu Electric Power Co., Inc.

    T-share is a Tesla/Model 3 car sharing service. You can experience the ever-evolving future of cars at a reasonable cost. Take this chance to experience the moment when your concept of cars changes.

  • T-share

    24-hour Contactless LCC Car Rental

    All Time Rent-a-Car

    Main Service Provider:
    Valuetope Inc.

    A hybrid car rental service that combines benefits of car sharing system and low-cost car rental pricing. Service is offered in cities with low vehicle ownership rates.

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Implementing Flexible Operations

In addition to providing a general car sharing service for consumers, we also are developing another car sharing model, “Kuruma Base Biz,” that takes company cars and offers them for sharing to corporate groups and local individuals.
We offer you flexible operations according to the service model that you wish to develop.


All You Need are Assets

With just having access to assets like parking lots and cars, Kuruma Base will provide you with all other necessary items.
We help you achieve a low-cost, quick service launch.


Supporting Service Launch

SMARTVALUE Co., Ltd., the service provider of Kuruma Base, also operates the car sharing service “Patto.”
Thanks to our know-how, we are able to support various procedures required for service launches, including tedious car rental business applications and developing terms of use, helping you to achieve a smooth service launch.

Functional Overview of Kuruma Base

Dedicated Terminals for Kuruma Base

We provide the terminals that are necessary for your services, including terminals for controlling door locks from a smartphone app, and telematics terminals that record vehicle location information and driving history.
We will make appropriate selections according to vehicle type and business operations, such as acquiring SoC (State of Charge) values for electric vehicles.

Management Consoles

Management consoles are equipped with all of the functions required for sharing and anti-theft services, including management of vehicle maintenance timings, and management of drivers’ unique quirks and payment information.

A Smartphone App for Consumers

This app allows consumers to search for vehicles, make reservations, lock or unlock vehicles, and check drive record images from their smartphones. The unique safe driving analysis logic used is based on our vast amounts of driving data recorded and allows for individual safe driving scores.

Operation Support Service

We offer a service that takes care of all necessary upkeep when you are running a vehicle-based service, including vehicle maintenance, regular cleanings, and call center support.

Usage Examples of Kuruma Base

Dealer x Car Share

By offering a car sharing service through car dealers and car sales channels, we are able to pursue new revenue sources through sales channels. On top of this, by treating car sharing users as prospective future customers, not only are they invited into the physical stores, but we can analyze their usage trends and propose vehicles that suit their individual needs.

Repair Shop x Unmanned Rental Cars

It is possible to more effectively utilize the loaner vehicles that repair shops have for customers who have been in accidents.
We help to promote maximum asset efficiency by effectively utilizing the vehicles not currently in operation.

Company Cars x Car Share

Company cars used for business can be efficiently shared out to other companies, including corporate groups.

Furthermore, as company cars are primarily in use during the daytime on weekdays, they can be rented out to individuals during other times.

Individuals (C2C) x Car Share

Car sharing is also applicable for personal vehicles.
By setting detailed conditions of vehicle use to the lessee, the lessor is able to realize efficient car sharing between individuals without having to hand over a physical key.

Car Subscription
x Car Share

By linking the car subscription model of service, a model increasingly popular in recent years where vehicles are given monthly for set usage amounts, with car sharing, we have created a service model that reduces the monthly payments required for car subscriptions.

Vehicles can become available for use at a lower cost.

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