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What is Healthcare Support,
Provided by SMARTVALUE?

Healthcare Support is a service for companies and local governments that helps support health management and preventative medical care. Applying our company’s technology and know-how to the health field allows us to help solve social issues in the healthcare field, promote health in companies, local governments, and citizens, and support preventative medical care.

健康経営 ITテクノロジー



Business Support Service for Implementing Physical Examinations

We provide consistent support for diversifying physical examination-related operations for all employees, from concluding contracts with medical examination institutions, to encouraging employees to see a doctor and tracking the exam results.
By utilizing our network of about 1,500 medical examination institutions nationwide, we are able to propose various medical examinations that suit the needs of each company.


Business Service for Implementing Stress Checks

Using a system with extremely reliable and verified diagnostic results, we are able to support the implementation of stress checks in accordance with the revised Occupational Safety and Health Act.
For the stress check, you can select not only the 57 questions recommended by the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare (Simple Questionnaire for Occupational Stress), but also an 80 question version effective at organizational diagnosis (57 questions+23 questions: New Simple Questionnaire for Occupational Stress) and a 112 question version (Organizational Vitality Questionnaire).


Providing Health Support Apps, Examination and Examination Reservation Systems, and Other Services

Using our cloud services SMART L-Gov and Gaas, we are able to provide IT services including transmitting health-related information to residents and employees as well as making online reservations for physical and medical examinations.



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