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Gaas is an online governmental platform that digitalizes administrative service, a communication with residents.


“GaaS( Government as a Service )” is a resident ID platform that digitizes administrative services, such as applications and governmental procedures to promote city development through aggregated data. It is a cloud service that aims to create a digital government by improving the transparency of administrative services through knowledge cultivated with SMART L-Gov, increasing convenience for residents, and reducing the workloads of staff. As a platform (city OS) related to digital governments for smart cities and super cities, we help contribute to city development through data utilization.



Services Provided

Surveying and Analysis ServiceArrange

This service examines and analyses a wide variety of administrative services provided by local governments, including applications and procedures, in order to help support decisions toward digitalization.
It makes suggestions to best utilize “Port,” “Gate,” and “Form.”


Examinations and Analyses Using Scraping and Visual Inspections of Administrative Sites

Utilizing our know-how on the unique structure of administrative sites, we carry out mechanical examinations utilizing scraping. Furthermore, we examine and analyze the current state of the administrative services based on public information found through visual inspections by our dedicated staff, and propose ways to publish information and shift to a more robust online presence.
Short term, inexpensive examinations and analyses available.


Analysis of Business Flow through Surveys and Hearings

We help to clearly analyze the existing business flow within local governments through surveys tailored to each local government and multiple hearings with governmental staff members.
We analyze various points, including base laws, the potential for online presence, subsequent processing, names and signatures, and the presence or absence of seals.

Digital Administration PortalPort

The application and governmental procedure information throughout the administrative site is developed into a portal in order to improve the searchability for residents. By utilizing usability and accessibility technologies cultivated in SMART CMS, we are able to create a standard for disseminating information on applications and procedures. Applications and procedures related to inventory counts and organization can also be used to create portals.


Edit Port from the Management Screen of SMART CMS

Port is an extended functionality of SMART CMS, so it can be used on the shared management screen. Local governments that have already integrated SMART CMS can centrally manage both their homepage and Port, greatly reducing operational loads.


Comprehensive Information on Applications and Procedures of Local Governments

Through inventory counts and organization, we provide comprehensive visualizations of local governments’ applications and governmental procedures. Furthermore, we guide the user to required forms, help apply online through the My Number portal, and submit their applications through the online application service “Form.”

Online Identity Verification AppGate

This smartphone application allows users to verify their identities online by holding their My Number card over their smartphone. It partners with the public personal identification service of the My Number card, offering personal authentication through electronic signatures and encryption technology.
The digital ID (identification card) application allows you to utilize digitized administrative services, including applications and procedures provided on the online application service “Form,” with peace of mind.


Partnering with Public Personal Identification Service of My Number Card

Users can securely authenticate themselves online by holding their My Number card over an NFC-compatible smartphone, possible through partnership with the public personal identification service. The PIN assigned to the My Number card is used for authentication, and signing and encryption is used to confirm the user, allowing for use with peace of mind.


Connecting with Various Digital Services through API Linking

The online personal identification function can be added to digital services other than GaaS by linking with Gate API. After utilizing and adjusting the connected services, we will provide the API.

Online Application ServiceForm

Applications and procedures can be submitted online by entering the application details on the web form.
The submitted application or governmental procedure can then be presented to staff members at the administrative office through the application ID and a QR code.
For the sake of security, this can be provided through LGWAN-ASP.


Using Form from the Management Screen of SMART CMS

All staff members can access Form from the management screen of SMART CMS. As this can also be provided through LGWAN ASP, these services can be provided in a secure manner.
This service both makes submitting applications and procedures more secure, but also makes for easier communication with residents.


Implementing Online Submissions for Applications and Procedures

This service allows for the submission of applications and procedures online from the website. Due to restrictions of local government business flow and legislations, certain applications and procedures will require an in-person visit to the local office, but we can reduce the time and effort required to print, fill out, and bring in the required forms. Connections with local government business systems and RPAs are provided as individual customizations.



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