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AfterMarket For Biz is
a business providing vehicle solutions for corporations



Sales of In-Vehicle Devices, Including Navigation Systems and ETC

We sell supplies for corporate vehicles, primarily to automobile leasing companies. We offer a wide number of products, including navigation systems, ETC, floor mats, and side visors.
It is also possible to link up with the telematics services developed by our company, and we are developing various business solutions that are tailored to match the customer’s needs.

Drive Recorder

Sales of Drive Recorders

As recordings in the event of an accident become more commonplace, so rises the need for drive recorders to fit this demand.
We offer a wide lineup of options, including an original model, responding to our customers’ most diverse of needs. Our original model links to smartphones using Wi-Fi, and we will be adding telematics functions in the future as well.


In-Vehicle Device Installation Contracts

In addition to product sales, we also provide installation support for various devices.
As we travel to whatever work site our customers designate for us, our services have received praise from corporations that struggle to find time to bring vehicles in.

M System

M-SYSTEM Platform

We will continue to expand our services in the future.
We plan to implement functions that work by combining multiple services and to increase service variations.
We are also planning to develop a platform that covers not only expanded functions related to these wide-ranging service variations from customers’ perspectives, such as the service selections, requests, installation arrangements, and status confirmations, but also functions needed by operations dealers and vehicle arrangement brokers.


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