In a mobile world centered on vehicles and with the "internetization" of machines and industrial products, we are developing our business from both the product and the service side, by creating and offering cloud services in the rapidly-expanding fields of telematics, mobility management, M2M (machine to machine), and IoT (internet of things).

We classify our mobility services into 3 categories.

  • "car solutions": solutions centered around in-vehicle devices
  • "mobility cloud solutions": provision of M2M cloud services and responses to related requests
  • "mobile solutions": solutions for corporate clients built around smart devices


Next-generation Telematics Service CiEMS

CiEMS Logo

CiEMS is a cloud service that supports corporate vehicle fleet management, safe driving instruction, and "eco-driving" (environmentally friendly driving). This new and first-of-its-kind service is built around a wireless LAN terminal that connects with smart devices and allows secure opening of vehicle movement data in the cloud.


All-in-one Telematics Service CiEMS 3G

CiEMS 3G Logo

This is an easy-to-use, plug-and-play telematics system that uses a compact in-vehicle device with a built-in communication module and GPS. It offers corporate clients stress-free telematics service for vehicle management and safe driving, from introduction to operation.


M2M Support Service

Using the technology underlying our M2M service CiEMS, we support planning and building of mobility/M2M services for a variety of mobility needs.