We offer cloud services that serve as emerging social systems for communication between public bodies such as local governments and regional society and citizens. In doing so we are driving advancement in the provision of information necessary for people’s lives, in areas such as PR and public hearings, disaster preparedness, crime prevention, childcare support, protecting the environment, and employment services.

Specifically, we provide cloud services for CMS (content management systems), smartphone applications, open data portal sites, and disaster and crime prevention information delivery.



SMART L-Gov Logo

"SMART L-Gov" is a cloud platform designed to provide solutions to a variety of regional area challenges. Through "SMART L-Gov," information can be conveyed quickly, reliably, and easily, to all media and in the necessary format, to make the daily lives of all citizens more safe, secure, comfortable, and convenient.



The "Iku-kuru Series" (go-come series) is a special service that we provide to local governments. It functions as a specialized message sending tool, using a homepage and email.
The series includes the CMS "Iku-kuru Web," which local governments use to build and manage their homepages, and the email service "Iku-kuru Mail," which allows local governments to speedily disseminate announcements and information about such things as disaster and crime prevention.


Other Services

We also provide other services in response to individual customers’ requests, such as creating homepages, building local portal sites, and accessibility training, to help meet various needs.